Mobile Websites

80% of customers abandon a mobile site if they have a bad user experience. Do you have a mobile-friendly site? If not MOBILIZE now!

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Plugins To Mobilize Your Site

  • Android
  • iPhone
  • BBerry
  • Windows


Include a grid of thumbnail images with the Gallery widget. Gallery grids can contain 3 or 4 images per row.


Image Carousel

Give users the ability to browse a set of images with the Carousel widget. Navigation can be triggered or automatic.



Add a single image to any page of your Mobilized site, with custom caption placement.


Audio Video Support

Embed videos directly into your mobile webpage, rather than forcing users to a third party site or app.


Ad Integration

Become a Google AdSense publisher. Text, images and video ads will be served to users of your site.



Customize your Mobilized site menus. Make changes to exisiting menus or create new menus within the site.


Contact Bar

If you have included the communication and location widgets; you can centralize them with the contact bar.


Instant Maps

Embed a map onto your Mobilized site. Maps can either be static images or fully funtional Google Maps.


Social Bar

With the social bar, you can direct users to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube accounts.